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The Sepsis Coordinator Network (SCN) is a community created by Sepsis Alliance to provide sepsis best practice resources and guidance to sepsis coordinators and all health professionals across the country. The SCN is led by a team of expert leaders in the field of nursing with critical experience in caring for sepsis patients and developing and implementing sepsis protocols.

The SCN’s Advisory Committee guides the content and structure of the group using a collaborative approach and using evidence-based practice to provide guidance to those seeking help. The advisors represent a diverse group of hospital types and sizes, professional backgrounds and geographic locations. Learn more about the individuals that make up the SCN Advisory Committee.

SCN activities support ongoing communication, education, and network building among health professionals passionate about improved sepsis care. Activities include:

  • Hosting educational webinars that highlight sepsis best practices in a variety of healthcare settings
  • Promoting active discussion and peer support via an online community
  • Providing training and education opportunities
  • Providing a resource drive for members to find information on a range of topics, including core measure and clinical practice guidelines, patient screening and identification tools, education resources, and more

Want to learn more about how the Sepsis Coordinator Network can help improve outcomes in your facility? Check out the webinar, Introduction to the Sepsis Coordinator Network, to learn the history of the SCN and get a tutorial on how to use the tools and resources.

September is Sepsis Awareness Month. We hope you will join us in promoting sepsis awareness during September. We will continue to share resources, tools and individual stories in the coming weeks. To learn more and to receive future updates, visit our Web site and join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network. #thinksepsis