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The One & Only Campaign is a public health campaign, led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC), to raise awareness among patients and healthcare providers about safe injection practices. The Campaign aims to eliminate infections resulting from unsafe injection practices. Learn more.

Nebraska, is one of 10 partner states for the One and Only Campaign and has prepared a web-based course to train “Safe Injection Champions”. The safe injection champion curriculum is applicable to all types of healthcare providers. The curriculum includes key points for injection safety, including safe disposal and point of care testing.

“Patient safety is on the minds of every healthcare provider. Safe injection practices must be implemented in healthcare organizations to improve patient safety. According to the CDC, 150,000 patients have been impacted by unsafe injection practices since 2001. The most commonly transmitted diseases by needles and syringes that have not been properly handled are hepatitis B and C and HIV. These are each very serious diseases that can cause extreme health problems and even death,” stated Tammy Baumann, RN, LSSGB, CADDCT, CDP; Quality Improvement Advisor with Great Plains QIN – Nebraska.

This course is provided to recruit and train injection safety champions at healthcare facilities.

Baumann continued, the One and Only campaign and the Safe Injection Champion Course can be used to educate your providers and staff and help to decrease the unsafe practices that are still affecting our families. It is imperative that those handling needles and syringes do everything in their power to take the necessary safety precautions, If not disposed of correctly, needles and syringes (also known as sharps) can be very dangerous.”

Access this Fact Sheet to learn more.

Visit the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Web site to learn more and access the Becoming a Safe Injection Champion Course, and to view handouts, slides and continuing education Information. The course is provided via the “CDCTRAIN Learning Network.”

One & Only Campaign materials can be distributed in a variety of ways:
  • During staff meetings,
  • Incorporated into employee training (i.e. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s bloodborne pathogen training),
  • Posted in public areas,
  • Linked to internal databases or websites,
  • Linked to local and state medical boards,
  • Highlighted in media outlets, and
  • Discussed during public presentations

WebEx Recording: No Longer “Baptism By Fire”: Developing An Infection Control Plan in the Home Environment

Peg Gilbert, RN, MS, CIC, FAPIC, Quality IC, LLC, works to improve infection prevention practices in healthcare facilities using proven quality improvement strategies. Gilbert recently shared her expertise on the components of an infection prevention program, including, but not limited to, risk assessment, surveillance, data collection and reporting in the home care setting. The presentation handouts and recording can be accessed on our Web site