Knowledge Is Power

Managing diabetes to prevent complications and improve quality of life is a daily reality for 30.3 million Americans. Millions more are unaware they are living with diabetes (7.2 million) or prediabetes (75.6 million).  The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Alert Day, held on March 26, 2019, focuses on the seriousness of diabetes and encourages the use of a quick and simple Diabetes Risk Test.

Rozanne chose to know her risk and get her blood tested.

A retired educator with a family history of diabetes, Rozanne learned she had a high blood sugar levels (A1C) during her last physical appointment. Her friend, a retired nurse, recommended she attend a Diabetes Empowerment and Education Program (DEEP) workshop to learn about lifestyle changes.

Understanding risk factors. along with blood sugar levels. offers individuals the choice to make behavior and lifestyle changes to prevent or effectively manage their health condition. Developing a long-term lifestyle change can be challenging, but self-management education programs are available to offer support and tools for improving quality of life.

She took charge of her health and developed healthy habits to manage her diabetes.

The workshop provided tools to help her manage her health on a daily basis:

  • “I changed my intake of carbs and sugars tremendously.”
  • “I check every label of grocery products I buy.”
  • “I religiously use a little book on carb/sugar/protein counts.”
  • “I exercise more consistently.”

Sharing what she learned impacted the lives of others.

“In fact, I attended this course twice because of all the critical information given. And, I brought two women with me to the second class!” enthused Rozanne. “I am a retired educator. I know good teaching! Dee Kaser (DEEP workshop leader) is an outstanding teacher: knowledgeable, empathetic and compassionate with a great delivery.”

As one of the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network’s (QIN) diabetes care content experts, Dee Kaser, RN, partners with healthcare professionals and facilities across Nebraska to promote diabetes self-management education and establish referral programs for individuals, like Rozanne, who are seeking to prevent or manage their health using lifestyle change.

“Rozanne understands that knowledge is power. By using the tools from DEEP, she has better control over her diabetes! So glad she knew her risk,” proclaimed Kaser.

Millions who are unaware will have the choice to make a change, if they know their risk.   Spread the word and encourage the use of the quick and simple Diabetes Risk Test.  Find more tools and resources for diabetes self-management on the Great Plains QIN website.