Older man with nurse

As with any business, patient satisfaction of the health services and resulting outcome impacts the bottom line. Policies and workflows can create efficiencies, but are they producing the results the patient expects?

During the Patient-Centered Equals Quality webinar on June 20, Avera Medical Group’s Chief Medical Officer Tad Jacobs, DO, will share how a patient’s view of quality care differs from a provider’s view.

Providing support to patients after they leave the exam room through a coordinated care effort promotes the development of trust needed for appropriate follow-up and improved care. While providers view quality through outcomes, a patient will give value to the emotional aspects of the visit in addition to the actual treatment.

As value-based payment structures and patient-centered care models take the forefront, patient satisfaction must be considered within the business case of the healthcare industry. On June 6, Great Plains Quality Innovation Network Program Manager Holly Arends, CHSP, CMQP, shared how Quality Equals Financial Success.

These webinars are part of the Provider Perspectives on Patient-Centered Care webinar series presented in partnership by the South Dakota State Medical Association and the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network.

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