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Great Plains QIN is partnering with communities throughout the region to unite stakeholders, consumers and healthcare providers to improve communication and care coordination – resulting in reduced hospital admissions, readmissions and medication harm.

A team at Great Plains QIN recently developed a Prescription Health Tool. This tool is for community providers to promote and share community resources with patients. This tool can be printed or uploaded into the Electronic Health Record. The ‘fillable’ format allows each facility to modify and update to include its own list of community resources.

Access the tool here

“Similar tools have been found to increase patient engagement and take action to receive recommended preventative services and education,” stated Jayme Steig, Pharm D, RPh; Quality Improvement Program Manager with Great Plains QIN.

If you have questions or need assistance on how to utilize the tool, contact Keri McDermott, Communications Director at 402/476-1399; Ext. 502 or via email at keri.mcdermott@greatplainsqin.org. Also, if you do utilize the tool, please share with us. Our team would appreciate feedback on the usefulness of the tool and/or ways we can make improvements.

If you want to be more connected and have accesses to resources, education and information on healthcare topics and coordination of care, join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network. We welcome your participation. Join today. All improvers welcome!