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Last week, CMS announced it has begun mailing new Medicare cards to beneficiaries who live in Wave 3 states, including the four states that comprise the Great Plains QIN region: Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

If Medicare beneficiaries say they did not receive a new card, CMS recommends doing the following:

  • Distribute the “Still Waiting for Your New Card?” handout (in English or Spanish); or
  • Tell them to call Medicare at 800-633-4227, where they can talk to a Medicare representative to confirm their correct mailing address.

To check the status of the mailing progress, click here.

Medicare will no longer use Social Security Numbers for identification. Instead, the new cards offer each patient a unique Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI). This change is brought about by a law passed by Congress to attempt to halt the growing amount of identity theft surrounding Medicare.