York Clinic Conference March 28

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network – Nebraska hosted an action-oriented/peer-led conference on how pre-visit planning, chronic care management and care coordination can strengthen partnerships between providers and patients.

The events were held in North Platte and York, Nebraska on two separate days in March.

“We are so appreciative of the healthcare leaders in our state who were willing to lead the conversations on these very important and timely topics. These peer-led conversations are extremely valuable and we hope will spark further conversations on process and implementation,” stated Jane Stotts, RN, BSN; Great Plains QIN Quality Improvement Advisor.

York Clinic Conference PresentationFollowing each presentation, attendees participated in a group activity to help reinforce and apply the concepts shared, which was very effective.

Attendees offered feedback on the value of the event as well as some take-away’s. One attendee commented, “We think it is a great idea to implement one pre-visit planning form instead of the six different ones we are currently using. This will cut down on the time it takes to find what we are looking for.”

Several attendees mentioned they now have a better understanding of the needs of the home health and hospice team members. As a result, they will make a more concerted effort to ensure partners in home health and hospice have the information needed to provide improved patient care.

Stotts added, “We are very pleased with the success of these events. Having the same event in two locations provided an opportunity to reach a broader, more diverse audience and offer both a rural and urban perspective. I believe we definitely met a need with these events. We had several attendees comment throughout the day that this information was presented in ‘perfect timing’.”

In addition, every single attendee indicated on the evaluation form that ‘implementing the ideas and best practices presented in this education session will likely benefit our patients’. Definitely a ‘win’ when hoping to achieve improved quality, improved patient care and satisfaction and overall better health outcomes. We look forward to building on this success and offering learning opportunities like this in the future. Thanks to all who were able to participate.