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Are you struggling to have productive conversations with family members, loved ones and employees on the benefit of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? Have you relayed data and facts, used pressure tactics and mandates and still hitting road blocks? If so, have you considered motivational interviewing?

Risa Hayes, CPC; Program Specialist with Telligen, recently shared information on how motivational interviewing (MI) can assist with vaccine confidence and offers tools on how to apply it. Hayes defines motivational interviewing in the following ways: a collaborative communication technique; a tool for strengthening someone’s own motivation and commitment; and exploring and resolving ambivalence.

Motivational interviewing allows us to serve as an objective partner when it comes to decision making. Why does it work for vaccine hesitancy? Those that are in the ‘waiting and learning’ phase are in a spot of ambivalence. Pressure, mandates and unsolicited advice is not always effective and can actually create resistance.

Risa HayesDuring this 20 minute educational video, Hayes shared recent data on vaccine enthusiasm, barriers, reasons for vaccine hesitancy and strategies to assist with vaccine confidence. Hayes and her colleague also offer a demonstration on how motivational interviewing can be applied, utilizing the OARS + Model (Open Ended Questions, Affirmations, Reflective Listening, Summarize). The Plus (+) is about offering information and advice with permission. Access Risa Hayes Motivational Interviewing Presentation to learn more.

Hayes concluded, “If we do this well, the approach will have a very positive impact in strengthening and rebuilding trust beyond the pandemic.”

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