The Household Pulse Survey, run by the Census Bureau to measure how Americans are living during the pandemic, is tracking an uptick in mental health disorders:

  • In October, 37% of Americans reported feeling hopeless more than half of the time. In 2019, that figure was 21%.
  • While more people aged 18-29 suffered mental illness symptoms pre-pandemic, the Household Pulse Survey finds that people between the ages of 30-39 are now slightly more anxious than younger adults.
  • Women are more likely to report mental illness symptoms than men.
  • Younger adults are more likely to not receive needed counseling than older adults.
  • Adults from lower-income households are more likely to be unable to access needed counseling than those in higher-income households.

Read more about the state of mental health in America, including how people from various incomes are accessing mental health resources. Access the report.

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