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Everyone should have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible, regardless of their ZIP code. How does your area’s life expectancy measure up to the national average?

 A ZIP code is 5 numbers meant to give mail to people – not indicate how long they live. Unfortunately, many United States cities and counties have significant gaps in life expectancy, often for residents just a few miles apart.

In the article “Does where you live affect how long you live”, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) discusses how ZIP codes affect life expectancy and health in the community.

Utilize the zip code tool in the article to compare how your area’s life expectancy measures up to the national average. Exploring these resources not only helps in illuminating disparities, but in starting discussions and steps towards the culture of health.

Access the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Web site to find related resources, including life expectancy maps, a health equity toolkit, county health rankings and road maps as well as tools and information on health disparities.