Arms Holding Text Vaccination

With so much vaccine misinformation, individuals are often left feeling confused and unsure about what to believe. Reliable information lends to confident vaccine decision-making, which ultimately results in fewer illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths. It is especially important to ensure our healthcare provider community is armed with reliable information to serve as vaccine advocates for our communities as we approach the winter months and the flu season.

The Nursing Home Vaccination Change Package, developed by Great Plains QIN, was recently updated. The change package includes resources and tools to build trust in vaccine safety, remove barriers to accessing vaccines and assist with communication strategies with staff, residents and families. The change package identifies barriers and challenges to vaccination and provides interventions supported by evidence-based tools and resources to improve vaccination quality measures and rates. This resource was intended for nursing homes, but is applicable across all care settings.

Krystal HaysWe recently updated our Vaccination Change Package, highlighting resources and tools for pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19. For nursing homes. achieving and sustaining 100% of residents who are assessed and appropriately given the influenza and pneumococcal vaccination quality measure is attainable. We have found that many don’t realize that the quality measures’ assessment piece takes into account residents who received the vaccination outside of the facility, declined vaccination or have a medical contraindication. Our Vaccination Change Package provides interventions, tools and resources to enhance understanding of the quality measure components and processes to meet the requirements with every MDS assessment,” stated Krystal Hays, DNP, RN, CPHQ, RAC-CT; Great Plains QIN Regional Project Manager.

Great Plains QIN is working to increase COVID-19, influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates in North Dakota and South Dakota. We believe if we work together to coordinate messages, share resources and offer joint learning opportunities, we can collectively combat vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine confidence in our nursing homes and the community at large. We value our partnership and want to work together to reduce duplication and decrease provider burden, If your organization is currently planning trainings or have projects underway that we could support or promote, please let us know. Visit the Great Plains QIN Vaccination Page Web site to learn more.