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Access to geriatric care improves the quality of life for patients and residents in our communities. Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is partnering with the University of North Dakota to improve access to care for patients with complex conditions in rural and underserved communities through the Geriatric and Age Friendly Care TeleEcho™ Series. 

If you missed the September TeleEcho Sessions, you can access the recording and presentation materials. Learn more about polypharmacy, deprescribing tools and resources, best practices as well as patient stories about medication safety and use.


  • The UND TeleEcho Medication Safety Session materials will posted on their site when available.
  • Access the September 15 Great Plains QIN Medication Safety Huddle recording and presentation here.

Visit the Great Plains QIN Calendar of Events to access all education events, including the October and November TeleEcho and Huddle sessions; the topics will be Depression in Older Adults [October] and Decisional Making Capacity [November].

The Age Friendly Health Systems – 4Ms Framework 

These sessions will utilize the 4Ms Framework. The model focuses on four key elements What Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility.Learn about the key components of the Age Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework. Learn more.