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April 2, 2020 | 1:00 p.m. CT



This event has been canceled.

Our team of quality improvement experts will outline the format and structure for the Great Plains Quality Care Coalition (GPQCC), including benefits and expectations of participation. Attendees will learn about the Age Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework, which includes four high-level interventions that form a bundle; considered the essential, initial elements that systems need to provide older adults with the best care possible. 

The 4Ms Model of Care will serve as a framework in meeting the CMS national AIMS:

  1. Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes focusing on Decreased Opioid Misuse
  2. Increase Patient Safety
  3. Increase Chronic Disease Self-Management {cardiac and vascular health, diabetes and chronic kidney disease}
  4. Increase Quality of Care Transitions
  5. Improve Nursing Home Quality


Target Audience: All improvers are welcome,  including stakeholder associations, local departments of health, hospitals, nursing homes, home health, clinics, assisted living centers and other long-term support services.

Leslie Pelton

Presenter: Leslie Pelton, Senior Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), has more than 17 years of experience managing, leading and facilitating successful organization transformation and performance improvement in the healthcare industry. 


Our team is excited to introduce your organization to the GPQCC structure and benefits of participation. We will outline how we intend to help you identify, select and focus on the areas that matter to you, your organization and your patient/residents. We will outline how we intend to use the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Collaborative Model and align the Age Friendly Health Systems 4M’s Framework to achieve improvement on the national priority aims set by CMS.