In 2012, CMS launched a National Partnership with the mission to improve quality of care for nursing home residents living with dementia. This Partnership, that includes federal and state agencies, nursing homes, other providers, advocacy groups and caregivers, continues to focus on the delivery of health care that is person-centered, comprehensive and interdisciplinary, in addition to protecting residents from being prescribed antipsychotic medications unless there is a valid, clinical indication and a systematic process to evaluate each individual.

The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign has made available a variety of resources and clinical tools to assist nursing homes achieve the goals of this partnership.

The Dementia Certificate training offered by Brenda Groves, LPN, CADDCT, CDP, CDSGF, has recently been added to the Dementia Care Training Crosswalk document. Groves is a Registered Adult Care Home Operator and employed with the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network.

The one-day training session on utilizing dementia care best practices from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) is intended for nursing home frontline staff (nursing assistants, nurses), but is appropriate for all departments that work with dementia. In addition to an introduction to dementia, the training focuses on the following elements of dementia care:

  • Communication and Feelings
  • Depression and Repetitive Behaviors
  • Delusions, Hallucinations, Hoarding, Wandering
  • Aggressive Behaviors, Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Personal Cares; ADLs
  • Activities
  • Staff and Family Support
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency
  • Spiritual Care and End of Life

Upon completion, attendees will be eligible to apply for credentialing as a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

Brenda Groves

“The fact that our 1-90 dementia training has been recognized on a national level is very exciting. I am so passionate about person-directed care and non-pharmacologic interventions for those suffering from dementia and strives to ensure quality of life for all elders. It is my goal to educate as many caregivers about the disease and provide them with the tools needed to provide compassionate care to those with dementia. I am so pleased that this content and education is being recognized and showcased at a national level. I encourage all providers and stakeholders to review and utilize the resources and tools that are available,” Groves stated.

Utilizing a multidimensional strategy, the Partnership promotes rethinking approaches that are utilized in dementia care, reconnecting with people using person-centered care approaches and restoring good health and quality of life in nursing homes.

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