Medical staff in meeting

Provide communication tools for your team and better care for your patients with the new TeamSTEPPS Video Toolkit, a free resource brought to you by AHA Team Training and CDC’s Project Firstline. The toolkit has been designed to help improve teamwork in health care and highlights nine of the most commonly used TeamSTEPPS tools. Each tool follows a thoughtfully-designed sequence that brings TeamSTEPPS to life using relatable scenarios, critical thinking prompts and best practices examples in an engaging learning experience.

Whether you’re brand new to TeamSTEPPS or want to refresh your skills, this on-demand toolkit offers refined content and an innovative structure. The toolkit is:

  • Accessible – no matter your previous training or educational background, you’ll be able to understand each video
  • Concise – with a collection of 2-minute videos and a self-paced environment, bite-sized learning can fit into your busy schedule
  • Interactive – there are thought-provoking questions and built-in knowledge checks to keep you engaged

This new toolkit is a valuable resource for learning the core TeamSTEPPS tools and how they can aid in overcoming challenges related to communication and teamwork in health care. By addressing these challenges, we can help ignite a culture shift toward improved team dynamics that will positively impact patient care overall. Access the toolkit.