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State-by-state colorectal cancer screening rates for 2016 are now available from CDC. The percentage of adults aged 50 to 75 who reported being up to date with CRC screening in the United States increased from 65.5% in 2012 to 67.3% in 2016. The states having the highest rates were: Maine (75.9%), Connecticut (75.8%), and Massachusetts (75.3). Arkansas, Kentucky, and North Dakota saw the biggest rate increases–North Dakota’s rate increased 5.9%, Kentucky’s rate increased 6.5%, and Arkansas’s rate increased 8.8%. Click here to see rates from across the United States.

While the Great Plains QIN has completed contract work that allowed us to partner with physician clinics to help implement processes that ensure colorectal cancer screening recommendations and follow ups for all patients, we still support the work of our partners to continue improving colorectal cancer screening rates in our region. Click here for tools, resources and partner contact information.