The pandemic has brought into even sharper focus the importance of updated emergency response plans. CMS has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and national resources to assist state survey agencies; state, tribal, regional and local emergency management partners; and healthcare providers in developing emergency plans that are compliant with the CMS Emergency Preparedness (EP) rule.

Resources, updates and links will be regularly posted on this site including:

  • Public health emergency declarations
  • Emergency preparedness tools
  • Emergency preparedness training
  • Survey & Certification Public Health Emergency Frequently Asked Questions – All Hazards
  • SA Emergency Preparedness Promising Practices
  • Pandemic Flu information

CMS also maintains a catalog of webinars on emergency preparedness requirements covering topics like emergency power supplies, the 1135 waiver process and best practices and lessons learned from past disasters. Finally, we can prepare by bookmarking the CMS emergency preparedness and response operations webpage.