Knowledge Is Power

We are excited to let you know that the final Change Package to prevent all cause harm in nursing homes has been released. The Change Package was developed by the Quality Innovation Network – National Coordinating Center.

The Office of Inspector General reported in 2014 that 33 percent of all residents of skilled nursing facilities experience an adverse event or temporary harm event. The Change Package will be a valuable resource as nursing home staff and providers work with residents and families to prevent, detect, and mitigate harm.

The Change Package is a description and list of successful practices of high-performing nursing homes (i.e., how they prevent harm while honoring each resident’s rights and preferences), organized by overarching themes, and includes strategies to prevent specific adverse events and abuse. The themes include:

  • Achieving Improved Quality of Life Through Safe Care
  • Foundational Components that Support a Safety Culture
  • Actions to Prevent All Causes of Harm in Nursing Homes

“We are excited to share the All Cause Harm Prevention Change Package with nursing homes as it is full of ideas, tips and strategies that can assist in keeping residents safe, promote quality care and still respect residents rights. I urge our nursing home colleagues to download a copy today,” stated Lori Hintz, RN; Nursing Home Program Manager with Great Plains Quality Innovation Network.

Access the Change Package here.