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CDC Vaccine EducationThere are many resources available to help you effectively meet the demands of your role as a vaccinator in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Information and guidance about COVID-19 vaccine products are constantly evolving as we learn more, so please continue to review updated CDC materials.

Access the New COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Trainings Resource

It is important that you are knowledgeable about COVID-19 vaccine products—even if you have administered other vaccines. COVID-19 vaccine guidance and recommendations vary from product to product and from other vaccines. We recommend that you begin by reviewing the COVID-19 Vaccine Training Module for the vaccine product you will be administering

Additional Resources

  • Access additional information about training and education for clinicians
  • Specific COVID-19 vaccine product information
  • Clinical care considerations

    Great Plains QIN was enlisted by CMS to help increase COVID-19, influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates in North Dakota and South Dakota. We believe if we work together to coordinate messages, share resources and offer joint learning opportunities, we can collectively combat vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine confidence and rates in our communities. We value our partnership and want to work together to reduce duplication and decrease provider burden, If your organization is currently planning trainings or have projects underway that we could support or promote, please let us know.