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Register and attend the upcoming Best Practice Brief hosted by Great Plains Quality Innovation Network, in partnership with the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care. Best Practice Briefs are 20-minute webinars highlighting successful system and policy change for screening, testing and referrals. 

Connecting Life Events to Lifestyle Change | April 1, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. CT
Most people experience at least one moment in life when they are inspired or motivated to make a change. Recognizing opportunities to offer additional education, resources and tools can reinforce and encourage change. Utilizing chronic disease self-management education programs provides guidance beyond the exam room. Denise Kolba, RN, South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care program manager serves as a Better Choice, Better Health Master Trainer and has led many participants on a journey to self-management and improved quality of life. 

Champions for Diabetes Prevention | March 18  – Past Event
Madison Regional Health System provides an overview of their effective screen, test, refer process and shares additional insights on the impact of provider champions leading the charge to prevent diabetes. Access the recording.

Monument’s Epic Chronic Disease Referrals | March 25 – Past Event
Having recognized chronic disease management as a healthcare priority, Monument Health actively engaged in leading and promoting Better Choices, Better Health (BCBH) workshops. Implementing the referral process into Epic transferred the steps for assessment, registration, and attendance to qualified BCBH staff. With BCBH Master Fellow credentials and system-wide disease management perspective, Shelly Roy, DNP, MHA, BSN, is well-positioned to effectively integrate referrals on a large scale. Access the recording.