Considering Tribal Culture within the Care Plan
August 26, 2021 | 12:00 PM CT
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Families and communities commonly recognize major events or transitions based on their cultural background. These pivotal traditions and ceremonies are part of the cultural legacy passed down for generations and may provide an opportunity for a deeper level of self-reflection and healing.

Tribal health staff will provide an overview of South Dakota Urban Indian Health’s holistic care approach which promotes cultural awareness and incorporates valued elements and traditions.


  • Discuss the holistic care model utilized at South Dakota Urban Indian Health
  • Explain the value of incorporating cultural elements in healing
  • Describe the team and each member’s role

Serene Thin Elk, MA, LPC-MH, LAC, QMHP
Director of Behavioral Health

Theresa Henry, BA, HTMC
Cultural Health Director

The Best Practice Briefs are hosted by the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care in partnership with the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network.