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It is not uncommon, even for the most experienced Infection Preventionists (IPs), within larger urban acute care settings, to share that they felt isolated when starting in the IP role. Many simply landed into the IP role, yet quickly learned to love it and make it their life’s work. For IPs working in some rural areas, or within facilities where they may be a lone IP, it might be difficult to know how to get started, what the priorities should be and who to connect with.

This toolkit provides a variety of practical resources, networks, strategies and tips for IPs working in isolated contexts, in any healthcare setting, to develop and sustain effective infection prevention and control (IPC) programs and connect with other IPs who can help them launch, navigate, and grow their careers as IPs.

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Each section of this toolkit describes a situation you will most likely face as either a new IP or as one working in a rural setting. The situation is followed by practical advice on how to navigate and address that situation. Where applicable, recommended resources are also included.

An IP plays a very important safety and leadership role in every healthcare setting across the continuum of care. Access this excellent resource for practical tips and strategies for the isolated infection preventionist.

This resource was developed by members of the 2021 Professional Development Committee of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) as a service to provide practical support for Infection Preventionists (IPs) working in rural or otherwise isolated settings. Learn more about APIC.