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Antibiograms are important tools for healthcare professionals involved in prescribing empiric antibiotics for suspected bacterial infections. They encourage responsible use of antibiotics throughout facilities. Prescribing clinicians—physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants—can consult these tools before initiating empiric antibiotic therapy, which may improve outcomes among patients with infections.

Additionally, antibiograms can be inexpensive to develop and maintain and are a good way to detect changes in resistance patterns. The results should be easily accessible to healthcare providers.

The webinar, Antibiograms: Supporting Antibiotic Stewardship Across the Community, was recently presented by Paul Carson, MD, FACP, Professor of Practice and Medical Director of the Center for Immunization Research and Education for the Department of Public Health at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. Dr. Carson provided a brief explanation of antibiograms and explained their value in acute care, long-term care and outpatient settings. He also discussed using antibiograms to support improved antibiotic use in the broader community.

Feedback from attendees was very positive. Some comments are below:

  • This WebEx was very helpful and gave me a new understanding of antibiograms.
  • Thank you for hosting this session! I found this conference insightful. Dr. Carson’s anecdotes help tie things together – especially the case of extended ABX treatment that had a poor patient outcome.
  • Dr. Carson is very knowledgeable and can translate the material so it is easily understood by all. Thank you!

Click here to access the webinar recording and handout.