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Each year in the United States, there are an estimated 141.4 million visits to the Emergency Department (ED), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.¹ Pain is the top reason for these encounters, with one study showing pain as a chief complaint in 52.2% of ED cases during a 7-day period.²

While pain is the top reason for ED visits, physicians are starting to prescribe non-opioid medications to combat the opioid epidemic. To aid in patients understanding what alternative medications can be used, Great Plains Quality Innovation Network has developed an ‘Acute Pain Relief’ prescription pad that can be ordered at no cost to prescribers. 

Rx Pain Pad Resource

“Opioids aren’t the first line in treating acute pain. With this prescription pad, providers are now able to ‘prescribe’ alternative options for acute pain,” added Becky Gillgannon, RN, BSN, Quality Improvement Consultant with Great Plains QIN. 

To order this resource, email Becky Gillgannon; please indicate quantity needed, contact information and complete mailing address.

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