Since 1984, Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) have been a driving force for quality improvement throughout the country. 

On September 15, Modern Healthcare published an infographic on the 2017 Quality Improvement Organization efforts. The data draws attention to impact on a select number of initiatives, including diabetes care and prevention, medication safety, nursing home care, antibiotic stewardship and behavioral health. Infographic included below.

The data was taken from the “Year in Numbers” section of the 2017 QIO Program Progress Report. The Progress Report provides information on the QIN-QIO Program and includes success stories highlighting the importance of national, state and local partnerships that leverage mutual resources for maximum effectiveness and impact. In addition, the report aims to encourage further partner participation in quality improvement initiatives and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

The data below is a sample of the successful efforts of Great Plains Quality Innovation Network and our partner QIN-QIOs across the country. Please review and then share the QIO Program Progress Report with your leadership team, staff and any others who might benefit from the information. We look forward to our continued collaboration improving the quality of care for patients and communities throughout our region.

For more information on all of our quality improvement initiatives, visit our Web site. To learn more about the national QIN-QIO program, visit the CMS Web site.

performance infographic