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Our team sees the strain currently being experienced in our healthcare communities. We we have been working to bring resources and education to those working on the frontline, to manage the stress and strain of working in healthcare. We have organized two events to offer strategies to build resilience, create better teamwork and reduce burnout. These events are intended for all audiences. Be sure to register; we hope you can join us.

Relational Leadership: Creating High Performing and Engaged Teams to Achieve Greater Success and Reduce Burnout Across Practice Settings

Thursday, January 13 | 10:00 am – 11:00 am CST

Healthy work relationships reduce burnout. Effective teamwork in healthcare settings has been associated with better overall quality of care, greater patient satisfaction and improved morale of the health professional workforce. Yet achieving high performance teamwork is no small feat. In this presentation, Andrew Morris-Singer, MD, a primary care clinician, leadership consultant and former community organizer will discuss a style of leadership – Relational Leadership – that is foundational to helping healthcare teams thrive with higher levels of performance and greater engagement by team members. Dr. Morris-Singer will draw on examples from the frontlines of care delivery reform as well as an extensive body of research to showcase concrete relational strategies and programs that can be employed in almost any healthcare setting to help revitalize individuals and teams.

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This event is hosted by Quality Health Associates of North Dakota; a partner of Great Plains Quality Innovation Network

Resilience – Individual, Organizational, Community (with annotations for pandemics)

Tuesday, January 25 | 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm CST

Burnout is rarely an individual issue alone. During this session, Andrew McLean, MD, MPH; will discuss risks related to caretaker and provider health during times of crises as well as models for both individual and organizational wellness. Dr. McLean is the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

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This event is hosted by Great Plains Quality Innovation Network