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A partnership of the Great Plains Quality Innovation Network and the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care

Creating connections among community resources and healthcare facilities provides a pathway for individuals to come full circle from a personal crisis to a personal transformation. Recognizing an individual in need and guiding them to the support services necessary to lift themselves from a desperate situation is a skill every South Dakotan should possess.

The Crisis Prevention and Recovery Best Practice Briefs series will highlight basic tools to recognize and assist an individual in crisis, resources available to reduce the risk of a crisis, and programs and services to reinforce change after a major intervention or treatment program. Upcoming sessions are included below:

⇒ Navigating a Healthy Path Beyond Human Trafficking
December 15, 2021 | 12:00 PM CT

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Call to Freedom was established to help navigate a healthy path for victims of human trafficking. Michelle Treasure, associate director, will highlight the struggles and challenges for individuals trying to break free from the chains of their captures and find a new life. Desperation grasps for hope in any form. Unfortunately, a promise of hope offered through deception can quickly become a loss of freedom. Human trafficking is an ongoing and growing issue across the Midwest. Individuals are unwittingly finding themselves indebted, enslaved, and alone.


  • Describe the existence and impact of human trafficking in the Midwest
  • Recognize signs of an individual being abused or trafficked
  • Explain the steps of trauma recovery after human trafficking

⇒ Addiction Harm Reduction Through Peer Coaching
January 4, 2022 | 1:00 PM CT

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Pulling from their personal experiences dealing with addiction, peer coaches serve as guides for individuals seeking help for themselves or for a loved one. The innovative approach of Face It TOGETHER provides virtual, phone or in-person sessions for those impacted by addiction. Face It TOGETHER is a harm reduction-oriented organization and works well alongside traditional treatment options.

Megan Colwell, Director of Community Engagement for Face It TOGETHER, will share the role of peer coaches as well as the value they bring to those in need of addiction care.


  1. Identify individuals in need of peer coaching services
  2. Recognize the role of a peer coach within harm reduction
  3. Explain the value of peer coaching for those impacted by addiction

⇒ Reentry Services to Break the Cycle
January 13, 2022 | 12:00 PM CT

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Poverty, trauma, and untreated mental health conditions often contribute to a vicious cycle of violence, addiction, and criminal activity. Lutheran Social Services has a long history of working with individuals within the correctional system to help break the cycle through counseling, work training and employment, and case management services.

Jay Marchand, CSW-PIP, director of reentry services for the Lutheran Social Services, will share tips and insights for supporting the physical and mental health needs of individuals reentering a community from a correctional facility.


  • Identify unmet primary needs by addressing social determinants of health
  • Recognize behaviors of those impacted by trauma
  • Explain barriers to primary and behavioral health services for those reentering a community