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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created a COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to help build confidence in this important new vaccine.

Access the COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit for Community Based Organizations

This toolkit is intended for social service organizations, faith-based organizations, YMCAs/YWCAs, fraternities, school organizations, meal delivery services and senior centers. The toolkit can be used to help educate community members about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination and address common questions and concerns. It contains a variety of free resources including:

  • Key messages
  • Educational slide deck
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Posters/flyers
  • Newsletter content
  • Plain language vaccine factsheet (available in several different languages)
  • Template letter for Community Based Organizations
  • Social media messages
  • Vaccination sticker templates

Partners are encouraged to adapt the key messages to the language, tone and format that will resonate with your communities.

Visit our COVID-19 page for resources, guidance and education related to COVID-19 and vaccine safety and administration. We have a section for state-based resources. We will do our best to provide relevant and timely information as it becomes available. As we navigate through this uncertain time, we thank you for your efforts every day to keep our community and family members safe