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Learning Modules

On this page you will find several resources to enhance your understanding of the Quality Payment Program.  Included below area series of webinars created by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Great Plains Quality Innovation Networkthat explain the two different tracks of the Quality Payment Program. Advanced Payment Models (APMs) & Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Accredited Online Courses via the Medicare Learning Network®

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To view the courses you must create an account with the MLN.  After your account has been created visit the MLN (Medicare Learning Network®) Learning Management System Login Page and enter your userid and password.

 We recommend viewing the following courses.

  • Quality Payment Program Overview
    • (May 2017) (Contact Hours: 37 minutes)
  • Quality Payment Program in 2017: Pick Your Pace
    • (March 2017) (Contact Hours: 25 Minutes)
  • Quality Payment Program 2017 Merit-based Incentive Payment System: Improvement Activities Performance Category
    • (July 2017) (Contact Hours: 24 Minutes)
  • Quality Payment Program 2017: Merit-based Incentive Payment System: Quality Performance Category
    • (August 2017) (Contact Hours: 25 minutes)
  • Quality Payment Program in 2017: Advanced Alternative Payment Models
    • (October 2017) (Contact hours: 28 minutes)


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What is the Quality Payment Program?

1. What is the Quality Payment Program?

Runtime: 3 Minutes

QPP MIPS Overview Thumbnail

2. Quality Payment Program – MIPS Overview

A deeper dive into the Quality Payment Program. This presentation will help the viewer to understand an overview as well as the 4 categories and scoring that is considered the Quality Payment Program under MACRA

Runtime: 1 Hour and 5 Minutes

Advanced Payment Models (APMs)
APM Overview Thumbnail 

Alternative Payment Model Overview

A deeper dive. This webinar is a presentation of the MIPS Alternate Payment Models (APMs) and Advanced APMs Overview. This presentation will review what an APM is, the difference between the MIPS APM and an Advanced APM, explain a qualified and partial qualified participant as well as the scoring and submission methods.

Runtime: 30 Minutes

3. What is a Qualifying APM Participant?

Runtime: 13 Minutes

4. What is the APM Scoring Standard?

Runtime: 5 Minutes