Improving Immunization Rates

Did you know it is estimated that an average of 200K people are hospitalized due to flu-related complications?

In 2012, Influenza and pneumonia combined were the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. Influenza, pneumonia and shingles are vaccine-preventable diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), immunization rates among adults in the United States are much lower than national targets. Several interventions, however, have proven successful. For example, recommendations from healthcare professionals have repeatedly shown to increase immunization rates. System-level changes that include routine vaccine assessment, recommendations and administration also lead to improvement.

Great Plains QIN is actively working with providers, patients, partners and stakeholders to implement best practices that support the Healthy People 2020 goals. We are aligning with this national effort to increase immunization rates for influenza, pneumococcal disease and herpes zoster. In fact, we want to do our part to achieve bold national goals (as outlined below):

  • By 2019, there will be national absolute immunization rates of 70 percent for influenza, 90 percent for pneumonia and 30 percent for zoster and reduction of disparities among racial and ethnic minority, and rural Medicare beneficiaries and dual-eligible Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.
  • By 2019, one million previously unimmunized Medicare beneficiaries will receive pneumonia immunization.
  • By 2019, an absolute rate of 90 percent for adult immunization status assessment, appropriate immunization or referral, and documentation of Medicare beneficiary immunization status to include to reporting immunizations to the state or other Immunization Information System (IIS) via CEHRT and other electronic methods.
 We are developing and offering a wealth of free evidence-based resources to promote influenza, pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination best practices, guidelines and tools to break down barriers to care for disparate populations.  We have also convened a Learning and Action Network (LAN) to give providers, community organizations and patients the opportunity to share and learn. Ultimately, we intend to improve access to and quality of care through our efforts.Join our Learning and Action Network today.

Together, we play an important role in helping to educate patients about immunization recommendations.

Initiative Documents
National Immunization Awareness Month Promotional ToolkitToolNational Immunization Awareness Month ToolkitOffice of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Immunization Newsletter ArticleArticleNewsletter Article - Immunizations - Dr. Schroeder (Author)GPQIN
These schedules indicate the recommended age groups and medical indications
for which administration of currently licensed vaccines is commonly recommended
for adults ages 19 years and older, as of February 1, 2015.
ToolRecommended Adult Immunization Schedule - Pocket SizedCDC
Immunization Toolkit - Resources for PharmacistsToolkitImmunization Toolkit: PharmacistsGPQIN
Immunizations Toolkit with Nebraska Specific information.ToolkitGreat Plains QIN Nebraska immunization ToolkitGPQIN
Healthcare personnel in LTC settings have the lowest reported flu vaccination rates. Learn ways to increase staff awareness.ToolLong-Term Care Staff Immunization StrategiesGPQIN
Annually, thousands of Americans are hospitalized due to vaccine-preventable diseases. Learn ways to increase awareness.ToolImmunization StrategiesGPQIN
This fact sheet provides information regarding adult immunization rates, goals and working together to improve health of older adults. ToolImproving Adult Immunization Rates Fact SheetGPQIN
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Immunization Contacts
Tammy McNeilRHIA, CPHIT, CPEHRQuality Improvement AdvisorNebraskaTammy.McNeil@area-a.hcqis.org
Nikki MedalenMS, RN, APHN-BCQuality Improvement SpecialistNorth Dakotanicole.medalen@area-a.hcqis.org
Holly ArendsProgram ManagerSouth DakotaHolly.Arends@area-a.hcqis.org
Vanessa LamoreauxBAProject ManagerKansasVLamoreaux@kfmc.org
Stephan SchroederMDImmunization Task PractitionerSouth DakotaStephan.Schroeder@area-a.hcqis.org

Learning and Action Network

We invite you to join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network (LAN). All LAN partners will be invited to attend educational sessions on a variety of topics, have opportunities to learn from peers throughout the state and region and have access to an abundance of resources and tools. The LAN is a great opportunity to get connected and demonstrate your commitment to quality improvement.

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